All of our bikes feature high quality Samsung batteries. They are rated at 45+ miles however weight, terrain, level of PAS and throttle usage can reduce the range. On average with Level 2 PAS you can expect ~40 miles on a single charge. Our Bikes have longer range 21AH batteries that can offer super long range.

All of our bikes have a speed of 20-25 mph with throttle, depending on rider and terrain. You can achieve higher speeds depending on the grade of a hill and pedaling.

All of our bikes come with 5 levels of Pedal Assist. If you want to ride the bike like a standard bike, then you can select PAS 0. However, as you increase the PAS number you will gain additional assistance from the motor. The more peddle assist you require, the less distance you will be able to ride. 

Pedal assist is only activated when you are actively peddling the bike. You can choose from 0-5 based on how much assistance you require. For high grade hills you may require a higher value. The thumb throttle can be used as well to power the bike and is only active when you aren't actively peddling the bike. For a quick jump off the line you can hold the thumb throttle for a quick jolt to get up to speed.

3-5 hours if completely drained. We include a 3A Super Fast Charger!!

Does my bike have a warranty?

All of our bikes come with a 1 year warranty to the original owner and require proof of purchase. Warranty covers the bike and battery from manufacturing defects. All warranty claims are done in house. We're happy to work through any questions that you may have.